ETTV Privacy Statement
You Privacy is our Priority


At ETTV, we are committed to providing you with various products and services to meet your needs. That commitment includes protecting personal information we obtain abut you. We want to earn your trust by providing strict safeguards to protect information about you as we continue to bring you valuable products and services. Please read this notice for some important information about you rights. If this information changes, you will be notified.

We may disclose the information described above to Companies in our corporate group, other service providers, such as retailers, online and offline advertisers, airlines and companies who help market our products, carefully selected business partners (so they can alert you to valuable products and services.), other entities, such as non-profits organizations, and third parties when you direct us to share information about you.

When you buy from ETTV, either via our show or the Internet, we protect your privacy. We do not sell, rent, or exchange customer information. We share identifiable information only with those parties entrusted with the processing of your account and the fulfillment of your order. We've established procedures to protect your privacy, which we vigorously uphold. Of course, this policy does not apply to information we disclose in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, or information we are required to disclose by law.

Occasionally, ETTV will conduct research towards the goal of improving Customer Service and may sometimes use a third party in this endeavor. When any third party contacts you in this regard, they will indicate that they are calling on behalf of ETTV. In these cases, customers who ask to be removed from further contact from ETTV will be excluded.

When you register with, or are a member of, an ETTV recognized third party affinity program and initiate your ETTV purchase through that program, ETTV will forward to the affinity program the information it requires to update your affinity program account.

Customer information is gathered so we can better serve you, and we make every possible effort to ensure its security and to treat your information responsibly. When you become an ETTV customer, we ask for your name, address, e-mail address, and phone number. We also ask for your credit card number and its expiration date, should you select that method for payment. Once we have your credit card information, we will not ask for it again unless a change is required, or you request shipping to another address. Your order history information is maintained in order to service your account.

From time to time, you may receive mail, e-mail or telephone calls from ETTV, or agents of ETTV, in order to update your account or communicate information which we believe will be of interest to you. At any time, you may request your name be removed from any of these methods of communication. Simply relay your request to a Customer Service Representative and your name will be removed from the appropriate list. We want your experiences with ETTV to be based upon your preference – always.

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