SOS & M 大樂隊   SOS & M Big Band

以樂團演奏形式,推出兒童第一音樂天團《SOS M大樂隊》,每位樂隊成員負責不同樂器的演奏,發揮想像力,輔以生活中熟悉的物件或聲音,賦予已經耳熟能詳的YOYO金曲新生命;並運用節奏,加入YOYO家族哥哥、姐姐的肢體示範,帶領所有的大小朋友進入音樂世界,開心快樂陪伴兒童唱唱跳跳。

In the form of orchestra performance, the first children's music group "SOS & M Big Band" is launched. Each band member is responsible for the performance of different instruments, using imagination, supplemented by familiar objects or sounds in life, and giving new life to the familiar YOYO golden songs ; and use the rhythm to join the body demonstrations of the YOYO family brothers and sisters, leading all the big and small friends into the world of music, and happily accompanying the children to sing and dance.