Top Star National Final

新人王 全美總決賽

在眾多的新人王初選參賽者中,20位優異選手入選了全美比賽。到底這20位選手誰可以拿走最後總冠軍呢?想知道是誰嘛?您可以直接到現場位這些選手們加油。總冠軍在11/21/2020在San Gabriel Sheration Hotel比賽。現在就趕快鎖票看您心中的新人王有沒有奪冠。

After intense audition, 20 contestants make into the national round. Out of 20 contestant who will be the Top Star Champion? You can see it live on 11/21/2020 at San Gabriel Sheration Hotel to cheer for your Top Star Champion.


Influencers Audition

網紅 徵選

想要成為網紅、愛表現的你,東森美洲電視需要你。上傳5分鐘內最有自信及自創創意影片進行甄選。入選的網紅們,在新人王活動期間內,依指定主題拍攝相關創意影片。影片將於東森新人王/東森美洲抱報Facebook專頁、活動官網,以及東森美洲電視YouTube平台曝光,並由觀眾票選選出優勝。優勝將會獲得價值超過千元的現金加精美禮品及東森美洲電視網紅經紀約。    立即報名>>

Do you like to express and showcase yourself? If you do, ETTV wants you!!! Influencers’ need to submit 5 minutes or less video on registration. ETTV will selects best videos to advance. Those advance will need to create short videos during Top Star period on designated topics. Created videos will be posted on Top Star official website, ETTV Pop News Facebook, Top Star facebook and ETTV Youtube channel for audience to vote. Winner will received over $1000 in prize and gift also ETTV Influencers contract.    Register Now!! >>

Online Video Submission

14 Septmber


1 November